Pictures of me through the years… sketching on the beach, selling drawings on the street of Lisbon, grinning at the exhibitions. Just so you can get to know me better. You won’t find a picture of cool studio space. I’ve got my easel, sometimes the floor in the room is plenty. There’s Patti Smith on my tee and Iggy Pop in my heart, what did you expect?

Alice x

Snack during work

I don’t need much more than Ikea

Making friends.

Work in progress…


Chasing the good light

Oldie from the Degree Show, back in High Wycombe

the art of finding the space for more canvas.

Sketching on Chesil beach

tryin to blend in, painting for ‘Good Figures’

Tee art.

Cotton candy Warhol Andy

Creating body of work for ‘Good Figures’ 2015

Portrait of my brother

My fancy studio , 2015

Tryin to be like girls from my canvases

‘Tutu’ in the background

T’Art exhibition with the fab Sweet ‘Art

Creativity in Madeira

Exhibition in Funchal.

Selling sketches in Lisbon with fellow emerging artist


Open air gallery, Lisbon

Proud at ‘Good Figures’ Mall Galleries, 2015

Drunk with all that art, London 2015

Pro studio baby

Pro studio part 2

Around 2011, going big. Mixed media on cheap wallpaper.